Embracing CMC’s Staff Values

As the Camp Director of Camp Mountain Chai (CMC), I feel honored that we have a remarkable group of staff joining us this summer. At CMC, we inspire a love of Jewish living through fun, friendship, discovery and exploration. We believe that the success of our camp lies in the strong values that our staff members embody.

1. Compassion:

Compassion is at the heart of what we do at CMC. Our staff members understand the unique needs and experiences of each camper, and they are committed to creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where every individual feels both safe and valued. They are empathetic listeners, offering support and guidance when it’s needed the most. Through their kind and caring approach, our staff members foster a sense of belonging that allows campers to flourish and build lasting friendships.

2. Leadership:

Our staff members are not just camp counselors or specialists; they are leaders in every sense of the word. They inspire our campers to embrace challenges, push beyond their comfort zones, and discover their true potential. Whether it’s leading a group activity, teaching new skills, or simply being a positive role model, our staff members exemplify the qualities of responsible and confident leaders. They understand the power of influence and strive to empower our campers to become future leaders.

3. Resilience:

The camp experience is all about growth, and our staff members embody the spirit of resilience. They understand that setbacks and obstacles are an inherent part of personal development, and they help our campers navigate through challenges with unwavering support and encouragement. By demonstrating resilience in their own lives and sharing their stories, our staff members inspire campers to face adversity head-on, building resilience that will serve them well beyond their time at camp.

4. Creativity:

Camp is a place for imagination to run wild and for our staff to embrace their own creativity while encouraging campers to do the same. Staff work hard to create fun and engaging specialty areas and unit evening programs that ignite the spark of creativity in every camper. They help create an environment where campers can explore new ideas, express themselves, and develop a love for innovation.

As we embark on this summer’s adventures, it is important to recognize and appreciate the incredible staff members who will be instrumental in shaping the experiences of our campers. Their embodiment of compassion, leadership, resilience, and creativity fosters an environment that allows campers to thrive and discover their full potential. At CMC, we are fortunate to have such dedicated individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of our campers.

Warmest Regards,


Rachel Shyloski

Camp Director at Camp Mountain Chai