Meet the Medical Team


Behind the scenes of Camp Mountain Chai’s memorable summer adventures lies an exceptional team of medical professionals who work tirelessly to ensure the well-being and safety of every camper and staff member. Camp life can be full of excitement and adventure, but it’s the dedicated nurses and doctors who provide a comforting presence, distribute medications, offer assistance when illness strikes, and go above and beyond to create a healthy and nurturing environment for all. In this blog post, we shine a spotlight on Camp Mountain Chai’s amazing medical staff and their invaluable contributions to the camp community.

Compassionate Caregivers: The Nurses of Camp Mountain Chai:

At the heart of the medical team are the incredible nurses and health center coordinator who bring compassion, expertise, and a genuine love for the campers to their role. Sarah Blank helps keep our Mir’Pa’ah organized and running like clockwork while our nurses, Becca Sacks, Suzy Seldess, Lisa McIntosh, Mia Sneag, Jan Kass, and Abi Kaszar, Sean Parera, and Lauren Simon are the dedicated professionals who ensure that each camper’s health needs are met, providing care and support.

One of the essential responsibilities of these nurses is the distribution of medications. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of each camper’s medical requirements, they meticulously manage the distribution of medications to ensure that every camper receives the right dosage at the right time. This commitment to individualized care allows campers to focus on their experiences, knowing that their health is in capable hands.

Responding with Compassion: Supporting Campers and Staff:

Illness and accidents can sometimes disrupt the camp experience, but Camp Mountain Chai’s nurses are always prepared to offer their expertise and compassion. From minor bumps and scrapes to more significant health concerns, the nurses swiftly respond to any medical issue that arises.

These medical professionals not only provide necessary medical care but also serve as a source of comfort and reassurance. They understand the unique challenges and anxieties that campers may face when they’re feeling under the weather, and they approach each situation with kindness and understanding. Through their nurturing presence, they help campers and staff feel safe, cared for, and supported during times of illness.

The Coveted Golden Broom Award: Recognizing Excellence in Cabin Cleanliness:

Beyond their medical duties, Camp Mountain Chai’s nurses also play a role in promoting cleanliness and hygiene within the camp community. During Nikayon (cabin clean-up time), they support the campers in maintaining a clean and organized living space. The nurses understand the importance of fostering a healthy environment that reduces the risk of illness and creates a positive atmosphere for everyone.

As an incentive for cabin cleanliness, the coveted Golden Broom Award is presented to the cabin that demonstrates exceptional dedication to tidiness and cleanliness. The nurses and health center coordinator judge the cabins during Nikayon, taking note of the cabins that go the extra mile to keep their space spick and span. This award not only fosters a healthy sense of competition among the campers but also reinforces the importance of cleanliness and personal responsibility.

On-Call Experts: Dr. Gabi Morrow:

To ensure comprehensive medical care, Camp Mountain Chai is also fortunate to have Dr. Gabi Morrow on-call. As an experienced physician, she brings expertise and medical knowledge to the camp, ready to address any urgent medical concerns or provide guidance when needed. Her presence adds an extra layer of reassurance to campers and staff alike, knowing that medical expertise is always just a phone call away.


Camp Mountain Chai’s medical staff, including the compassionate nurses and dedicated doctors, are the unsung heroes who prioritize the health and well-being of campers and staff. Through their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care