Meet Camp Mountain Chai’s 2023 Head Honchos! 

Explanation of Maccabiah:

Here with me are our two incredible Head Honcho’s for Maccabiah 2023. We have Brandon and Paola. Being a Head Honcho is a tremendous amount of work. For that reason, I decided it would be a good idea to interview our Head Honcho’s by asking five questions so that you can get to know them better. Our Maccabiah last two incredible days filled with relay sports, an arts and rope burning competition and an epic basketball game. 

Question #1: Hi guys! Can you please tell me a little bit about yourself: 

Brandon: Hi I’m Brandon, from San Dieg and I have been coming to Camp Mountain Chai for the last 10 summers and this summer I am a general staff member.. I currently go to school at Colorado State and study theater there.

Paola: Hi I’m Paola i’m from Mexico, this is my 6th summer at CMC. I started working here in the kitchen as a support staff and now I am the ceramics specialist. I graduated from school with a degree in international business.

Question #2: When it comes to Maccabiah, what are you most excited about?

Brandon: I’m most excited to be the face of the program and be the one that everyone turns to. I just remember being a camper and always looking up to the Head Honcho’s as these strong pillars of our camp community that just ran this program with such grace.

Paola:  I will say, the Apache Relay. It really makes me excited, since it is one of the main competitions and really brings the spirit and brings the whole camp together. Since I am a Head Honcho this year I get to run the whole thing and get to see all the competitions and activities which I have never seen before and I am just so grateful to be a part of it.

Question #3: How did you feel when they asked you to be a Head Honcho?

Brandon:  I was shocked, I thought maybe I would get to be captain if I was lucky but I never imagined being asked to be a Head Honcho. I am so excited and honored to be a part of this program.

Paola: I was so surprised. The way they asked me I thought I was in trouble or something but I’m just so shocked they chose me to be a part of this program. It makes me feel so happy.

Question #4: What goes into being a Head Honcho?

Brandon: A lot of reading and asking questions. We have a binder that is about 75 pages which we need to study and understand so that we can be ready to answer any questions our staff or captains might have. We have been planning for over a week now.  

Paola: Lots and lots of team meetings and just taking the time to know the materials so that I can better help explain the game to our new staff and captains. 

Question #5: What has been your favorite moment so far for planning?

Brandon:  Last night we had a meeting about how we cannot do our traditional rope burning for Maccabiah. So I really loved just being creative and helping create a new event that I can leave my mark on CMC.

Paola: When we got to break it and surprise the rest of the staff that I was a Head Honcho, that has been my favorite moment so far.

Question #6 What is your favorite event at Maccabiah?

Brandon: The plaques are my favorite. When I was a kid I always worked on them. They leave a piece of history and legacy on our walls at camp.

Paola: The creative competitions as well. I love watching the dance’s, the plaques, the songs, the skits. Who can forget the Basketball games, you really feel the ruach and spirit and just see everyone cheering and screaming because they know these last few moments count before the winner is announced.