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Camp Mountain Chai serves boys and girls entering grades 2 through 12. Each cabin group consists of 8-16 campers. All of our cabins include indoor bathrooms and showers, carpeting and storage for clothing and equipment. Each cabin is staffed by two to three staff members, including some activity specialists. The cabins are grouped by grade and gender. Our camper experience includes some activities with their cabin group, and other activities including individually chosen chugim (electives), divisional and all-camp evening programs.

Unit Breakdown

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Our lower division is home to our Shorashim/Rishonim (entering grades 2-4) and Netzarim (grades 5-6) campers. Our upper division houses campers in our Amirim (grades 7-8) and Atid (grades 9-10) units. As our campers transition from unit to unit, the program structure is adapted to each age group in order to provide them unique and meaningful opportunities for growth and development.

Shorashim Girls Shabbat

Campers entering 2nd, 3rd & 4th grade

Netzarim Boys

Campers entering 5th & 6th grade

Wizard of Oz Banquet

Campers entering 7th & 8th grade

Atid Trip Group

Campers entering 9th & 10th grade

Kavanah Teen w Campers

Campers entering 11th grade

SIT (Staff-In-Training)

Entering 12th grade


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Atid (9th - 10th Grades)

As our campers grow and progress through each division of camp they are introduced to new challenges and expectations. Atid begins their transition to becoming a leader at camp. Atid campers earn additional privileges and become a part of something bigger.

The culmination and highlight of our Atid Program is the Atid trip. Each session, our Atid campers embark on an incredible multiday trip that is the envy of the entire camp. Past Atid trips have explored and hiked beautiful locations within Bryce Canyon, Yosemite and Zion National Park, whitewater rafting and sliding down natural rock slides in Northern California, hiking in the Grand Canyon and Sedona and hiking and kayaking in Catalina Island. These trips offer one of the greatest experiences of our campers’ camp career in addition to helping each of them understand the true meaning of teamwork and personal growth. Campers wait patiently for years to return as an Atid camper so that they can take part in this incredible leadership program and go on their Atid trips.

Kavanah (11th Grade Service Learning Program)

Camp Mountain Chai offers an unforgettable service-learning focused trip to the Dominican Republic for teens entering 11th grade. Teens will experience meaningful volunteer opportunities through a myriad of local service organizations. While physically building within the host community, they will be fostering and developing their own tight-knit community.

SIT (12th Grade Staff-in-Training)

During the summer teens will learn about leadership, child development, group dynamics, programming skills and what it takes to become a successful staff member. It is a summer to transition from camper to staff member. SITs who successfully complete the program and are referred by the SIT director will be given first priority for hiring the following summer. During the summer, the SITs will be responsible for several camp activities and evening programs. An SIT application, interview and references are required for acceptance into the program.