Special Events

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Each session includes a themed banquet and boasts its own unique special all-camp program. In these special all-camp programs, campers and staff have an opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork skills while also learning the importance of sportsmanship.

Session 1 – Olympics

Our newest program is the CMC Olympic Games. This full day program will give campers and staff an opportunity to compete in a variety of Olympic-themed activities and challenges, including sports, arts, and just fun. We look forward to sharing more information with you about this new and exciting program.


Chai’dol is CMC’s competitive cabin lip-sync battle. Each cabin has the opportunity to choose a song to create a lip-sync and dance routine. At the Chai’dol evening program, each cabin will perform their routine in front of our camp community as well as an all-star panel of judges. Once all routines have been performed, our judges will decide the winning cabins 

Chaidol Girls Performance

Session 2 – Maccabiah

Maccabiah is CMC’s color war competition. During this program, the entire camp is divided into two teams, Har (Mountain) & Chai (Life). The Har team is Red and the Chai team is Blue. Lasting nearly 2 days, Maccabiah creates opportunities for each team to engage in exciting and action packed competition with a focus on teamwork, creativity, sportsmanship and ruach (spirit).  

Session 3 – Embassy

Embassy is a full-day camp program that combines Capture the Flag and a treasure hunt into one unique and exhilarating experience. During Embassy, the entire camp is divided into two teams, Green vs. Blue. Throughout the game, squads of campers and staff work together towards collecting puzzle pieces for their team. Completed puzzles will reveal a map with clues to open a padlock. The team that unlocks and raises their team flag first wins!


We believe in the magic of creating unforgettable memories during the last night of camp. We dress up, decorate our dining hall, serve delicious food, and celebrate our campers during our awards ceremony. Previous banquet themes have included: Super Mario Brothers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Western, Hawaiian Luau, The Oscars, Space, Decades and more.