Recap of Shorashim Overnight 

Last Sunday night, our camp fell quiet when Netzarim, Amirim, and Atid departed for their Overnights, leaving all of camp for Shorashim. The possibilities were endless and the campers were so excited to “take over” camp and do what we wanted without interruption. After the other units embarked on their hikes, we spent our evening at Degel, the center of our camp, playing board games, hanging out on the playground, and learning how to make friendship bracelets. The campers loved having free play time and were able to engage with each other in a more relaxed environment. After a brief intermission for shower hour, we had a delicious pasta dinner and spread out through the Chadar Ochel, our dining hall. The campers loved sitting at the tables where the older campers usually sit and feeling like they were the rulers of the camp. 

We then went “up-top” to the sports field in our longs and longs for a fun evening program which Tzippy, the Shorashim Assistant Unit Leader, led alongside Lucy, a Staff in Training who is shadowing our unit. We played a game called “Go For Glow,” where campers attempt to collect as many glow sticks as possible to gain points and beat the other team. While we waited for the sky to get dark to start the game, the campers had fun chasing counselors around the sports field, collecting sticks and pinecones, braiding each other’s hair, and practicing their soccer goals. The campers loved running around during the program and watching the staff throw glowsticks in the night sky, which looked like fireworks. 

Before bed, we had the unique opportunity to roast S’mores as a unit, which was the perfect way to end the night as a group. We collected sticks from nature around us to roast delicious kosher marshmallows over a propane flame and sat around the campfire until bedtime. Sleeping under the stars on the sports field was beautiful and a new experience for many campers in the unit. To help quell campers’ nerves about sleeping outside, we placed glowsticks near all the campers so they could have a sort of individual nightlight. Everyone fell asleep stargazing and bundled up in their sleeping bags. 

I am so proud of my campers for overcoming their fears and trying something that many of them were nervous about or uncomfortable with. The Overnight is a unique experience that allows them to interact with the natural environment of CMC through stargazing and being outdoors all night and in the early morning. Additionally, our Overnight programming helped contribute to a sense of community within Shorashim as campers were able to interact with each other in a new setting and develop new friendships with people in different cabins. Now campers keep asking me if we could do another Overnight! 

Sophia Muroff Shorashim Unit Leader
Tzippy Moehringer Shorashim Assistant Unit Leader