If You Want to Cool Down, You’ve Got to Pool Down

Hi there friends and family of Camp Mountain Chai!

Over the past two sessions, the lifeguards have been working hard at the pool to create a safe and fun environment for our campers. We thought it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves and say hello!

Our team includes David, Alain and Nate. First David is our head lifeguard. He is originally from 

Mexico and has been working at CMC for the past two summers. As the leader of our team, he oversees all the pool operations and makes sure that everything flows smoothly. 

Next we have Alain, who is also from Mexico and is enjoying his first summer here at CMC. Along with him is Nate, coming back all the way from San Diego. Together our team plans fun activities such as water challenges, pool zumba, relay races and more. In addition to the pool our team takes the campers to Jenks Lake for some fun water sports such as canoeing and kayaking. Our goal this summer is to give the campers memorable experiences and fun times to cherish forever. Hope to see your kids at the pool soon!!


The Lifeguards