Safety is our top priority at Camp Mountain Chai. Each of our specialty program areas have a set of policies enacted to preserve safety.  Our highly trained staff works hard to maintain a safe, nurturing environment for our campers.

ACA Accredited

We are proud to be an accredited member of the American Camp Association (ACA), the only independent accrediting organization reviewing camp operations in the country. ACA’s nationally recognized standards focus primarily on the health, safety, and risk management aspects of a camp’s operation. For summer 2021, ACA is providing a Field Guide for Camps to operate safely. ACA collaborates with experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Red Cross, and other youth-serving agencies to assure that current practices at the camp reflect the most up-to-date, research-based standards in camp operation.

If you would like more information about the value of the accreditation process,

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Security and Covid-19

Updated: June 15, 2021

We are pleased to share the first sections of our Summer 2021 COVID-19 Playbook.  We believe these protocols simultaneously allow us to ensure the health and safety of our community while providing a genuine Camp Mountain Chai experience. 

The information surrounding COVID-19 is constantly changing and evolving, and this COVID-19 Playbook is a living document that will evolve and change between now and summer 2021.  Over the next few weeks, we plan to release additional sections of our COVID-19 Playbook, including:

  • Health Center Operations
  • Communication with Parents
  • Mail & Packages
  • Staff Time-Off

Thank you as always for trusting us to keep your camper healthy and safe.


Updated: October 2020

Dear Camp Families,

The health, safety and security of all our campers and staff is the utmost important to us, and we are updating our procedures and protocols annually to keep abreast of current trends and concerns. For the first time, these changes and improvements will create a need for a supplemental fee.

In the spring of 2020, we began a project to enhance the overall physical security of our camp facility. This is not in response to any specific event, but rather recommended upgrades made in consultation with experts in the field. In addition to strengthening our relationship with local law enforcement and other first-responders, we have made many significant changes including these that your camper will see upon arrival at camp for the 2021 summer:

  • Enhanced access control measures including security personnel, the addition of an entry gate, increased surveillance and updated technology throughout camp
  • Upgraded our camp-wide public address system
  • Equipment in camper cabins to allow for a secure space, if needed
  • Increased security-related training for summer and year-round

Additionally, with coronavirus on everyone’s mind, we are preparing responsibly for the summer of 2021. While none of us know exactly what the next few months will look like, we continue to regularly consult with medical professionals, infectious disease and industry experts, including Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and American Camp Association (ACA).

Our protocols regarding COVID-19 involve:

  • Updating health center and screening procedures
  • Securing additional PPE, medications, and medical equipment
  • Modified food service and enhanced cleaning procedures
  • Reserving space at camp to allow for additional isolation facilities, if needed
  • Closely monitoring advancements with testing and the availability of a vaccine (while we will likely have a policy that requires testing, a vaccine, or both, we will follow the science as it evolves over the next few months)

These changes and improvements, while partially funded through a California security grant, have created substantial costs and on-going expenses for us. We are instituting an annual supplemental fee of $135 per camper per year (regardless of the number of sessions a camper attends) to cover these additional costs. Even with the addition of this fee, the cost of our standard two-week sessions remains below 2019 levels when registering before year-end.

We are looking forward to getting back up the tall green mountain with your campers; please let us know if you have any questions.


David Bark, Board President
Buddy Voit, Executive Director