Each Child Deserves the Camp Experience

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Each year there are scholarships, incentive grants, and discounts available to all of our camp families. Some programs are strictly need-based (Scholarships), but other community programs/Grants (i.e. OHC, PJ Library, etc.) are available with minimal restrictions.

All personal and financial information is always kept strictly confidential, and our staff is always available to answer any questions you may have. We have provided information and options below to assist you.

Grant Programs

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All first-time Jewish overnight campers are eligible to receive incentive grants up to $1,000 provided the camper has not attended an overnight Jewish experience for 12 or more consecutive days.

You must apply for the grants AFTER registering your camper for CMC by visiting www.onehappycamper.org. For further information and/or assistance please contact our office at (858) 499-1330.

New Campers for 2023 with a parent/guardian who identifies as Israeli-American may be eligible for a grant from the Foundation for Jewish Camp.

  • Eligible campers can receive up to $2,000 per child for 19+ days (2 sessions) at CMC.
  • Eligible campers can receive up to $1,300 for 12-18 days (1 session) at CMC.
  • Recipients may still be eligible for CMC Financial Assistance or scholarships from their synagogue or other Jewish organizations but NOT traditional One Happy Camper grants.
  • Parents will be asked to complete pre- and post-summer surveys
  • We recognize you may have already accepted a One Happy Camper grant. If you qualify for the Israeli-American grant, it would replace your One Happy Camper grant.  If you have any discomfort around receiving this grant or traditional OHC grants, you can choose to decline–in doing so, you give other families the opportunity to benefit from this program.

Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. APPLICATION COMING SOON 

CMC Financial Aid

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We are committed to helping every camper experience the magic of Jewish sleep-away camp!

Scholarships are based on need and subject to available funds.Applications are processed monthly on a rolling basis.

If at any time the CMC Financial Aid amount awarded exceeds the family balance (based on the family’s acquisition of additional outside awards post CMC’s distribution ) the amount awarded from our Financial Aid will be adjusted accordingly.

It is our expectation that families submit aid requests from other local funding sources, such as synagogues, federations, and Jewish Family Service.

The San Diego Jewish Federation and Leichtag Foundation generously provide funding to Camp Mountain Chai to allocate on their behalf, therefore an application to Camp Mountain Chai may, based on their qualifications, make you eligible for those resources as well.

For more information regarding Financial Aid please call our office at 858-499-1330.


Military Scholarship

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Military scholarships will be offered according to the following policy:

  • At least one parent is active duty or retired military
  • At least one parent identifies as Jewish
  • Parents will be required to prove eligibility and fill out pre- and post-camp surveys.
  • If a family has more than 1 parent on active duty, scholarship will be awarded based on the highest pay grade.
  • Need-based scholarships will continue to be available for families requiring additional assistance
  • Scholarship levels will be based on pay-grade using the following table:
Pay GradeScholarship (% off)

Note: May not be used in combination with any other discount. Kavanah and SIT campers are not eligible.

Apply Now

Outside Funding

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Your local Synagogue
Most synagogues have camp scholarship programs for their members. Contact your local synagogue and inquire about how to apply for assistance. Deadlines vary. Please contact your congregation to learn more.

Your local Jewish Federation
Most local Jewish Federations offer summer camp scholarships.  The Jewish Federation of San Diego County generously provides funding directly to Camp Mountain Chai for scholarship for CMC families, meaning you do not need to apply to Federation for funding. Families outside of San Diego county should contact your local Federation to find out about deadlines, applications, and qualifications.

Payment Plans – CMC is happy to work with our families to make paying for camp as seamless as possible. Please contact the CMC office at 858-499-1330 to discuss payment options.  Full balance must be paid prior to your camper’s arrival at Camp.

Interest-Free Loans
A Jewish non-profit lender will give interest free loans for camp. For more information visit the JFS Hand Up Loan website.

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