We Miss Camp


The following were presented by campers as part of the Friday, February 19th Kabbalat Shabbat service at Temple Etz Rimon.

By: Alex & Evan


By: Ashley

If I go to camp this year it will be the eighth summer.

I really missed meeting my friends from camp and the hour and half drive up the mountain filled with movies and snacks to camp and being greeted by the staff when we get there. I really miss the ropes course. I also miss the Teyatron where we held Shabbat services. our Friday night dance sessions after Shabbat dinner on the basketball court.

If there is camp this summer, I look forward to new friends and friends that I haven’t seen in two years and hopefully I won’t have to go to the Mirpa’ah office again. I am ready for some CHUGS! And to see new and returning staff. Looking forward to the lake, Embassy, themed banquets.

During the lockdown of COVID19, CMC has reached out to the campers and invited us to online sessions of kahoots, check-in, reunions, holidays, and sent care packages that kept us engaged including tie dying our own shirts. I hope that we can go to see CMC this summer so that I can make new memories.

Two Boys at Bus Stop

By: Aaron A.

Camp. I love it. My friends love it. So, maybe you should love it.

It’s a place to bond. To meet friends new, and old. It’s a place where you can be yourself, with friends that are just like you.

Ever since COVID we’ve been on lockdown. I legitimately haven’t seen any people my size for almost 11 months. I didn’t get to go to camp, I didn’t get to go to promotion from elementary, I didn’t get to see my friends, nor really talk to them. BUT…

Camp saved the day. Even though I wasn’t at camp last summer, the EXPERIENCES and the friendships I made got me through COVID. That’s what hit the spot. The bond with my friends.  When I decided to reach out, they were there for me. One of my friends who I talk to on a daily basis, I met at camp.  THAT is why, for me, camp is one of the best places you could go. Even though we couldn’t be there last summer, the experiences I made two years ago have lasted.