7 Questions with CMC Leadership

This summer we are so privileged to have such an incredible group of individuals who make up CMC’s 2023 Leadership team. Camp Director, Rachel “R-Shy” Shyloski, Assistant Director, Beth “B.Cap” Caplan-Matlow, Camp Registrar, David Edwards, Staff Experience Director, Lauren “L.Mat” Caplan-Matlow, Director of Camper Care, Charlotte, Assistant Program Director,Maya, SIT Directors,Juli and Elana, Atid Unit Leader, Udi Amirim Unit Leader,Maayan, Netzarim Unit Leader, Freja and Shorashim Unit Leader, Sophia

Read on below for my Q+A with our team.

Question #1: Where is home for you?

  • Charlotte: Sunny San Diego
  • Maya: San Diego
  • Sophia: San Diego
  • BCap: San Diego
  • Freja: Leeds
  • Maayan: Israel 
  • L.Mat: Toronto
  • Udi: Israel
  • David: Encinitas

Question #2: All time best camp memory/moment?

  • Charlotte: This is my first summer at CMC so far my favorite moment has been just getting to experience the magic of camp. 
  • Maya: Building a fire for Maccabiah
  • B.Cap: Havdalah on the sports field
  • Freja: When it was pouring rain and my whole cabin decided to go out in our bathing suites and take a nature shower session 3
  • L.Mat:  Being Head Honcho for Maccabiah
  • Maayan: Getting the chance to go water tubing on Big Bear Lake with my campers last summer.
  • David: Receiving my 5-Year sweatshirt this summer

Question #3: What are your favorite hobbies?

  • Charlotte: Walking around the farmer’s market and exploring coffee shops.
  • David: Surfing, listening to live music, and cooking.
  • Sophia: Reading and Crafting
  • B.Cap: Guitar and Photography and visiting national parks
  • Freja: Playing Football
  • Juli: Listening to Taylor Swift
  • L.Mat: Watching netflix and listing to Harry Styles

Question #4: What makes a good camp friend? 

  • Juli: Someone i can be myself with and make memories
  • Eliana: Someone who you can be silly with
  • Sophia: Loyalty and humor
  • B.Cap: Laughter and Loyalty
  • Freja: Someone who doesn’t make you miss home
  • L.Mat: Laughter and Kindness 
  • David: Someone who can toast a marshmallow to perfection 

Question #5: What is something that you collect?

  • Rshy: Magnets from all the places I have visited. 
  • Sophia: Postcards
  • BCap: Hats and Shoes
  • Freja: Bags from expensive shops
  • Eliana: Souvenir Pennies 

Question #6: What book has changed your life?

  • Freja: The Rainbowfish
  • Sophia: Harry Potter
  • B.Cap: To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Juli: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the night.
  • Eliana: A Dog’s Purpose
  • Charlotte: The Whole Brain Child
  • L.Mat: Harry Potter
  • David: Caste

Question #7: If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

  • Charlotte: Greece 
  • Freja: Bali
  • Maayan: Alaska 
  • Sophia: Oxford
  • B.Cap: Peru 
  • David: Japan
  • L.Mat: Italy 
  • Eliana: Japan
  • Juli: Thailand