We understand that attending camp is a significant financial commitment, and purchasing trip insurance is an excellent way to minimize financial risk for families seeking additional protection. Through a third-party program called “Program Protector,” offered by CampMinder, you can sign up for one of two different plans that cost less than 10% of your total tuition. Each option is described in detail, and you can contact the provider for further information.

To ensure you are fully covered for as many possible scenarios as the policy allows, most plans require you to purchase insurance within 15 days of making your first payment, which, in the case of Camp Mountain Chai, is your deposit.

It is essential to carefully read the trip insurance policy to fully understand its coverage, including COVID-19 and other medical issues. It is also crucial to review the policy exclusions to ensure that you are aware of what is not covered. Camp Mountain Chai does not endorse specific policies. You can visit the following websites that offer comparisons of various trip insurance products: