What if I rolled over my tuition from 2020?

If you rolled over all or part of your 2020 tuition, it will remain available as a credit towards the 2021 season. Your credit may be used towards any CMC program between now and August 2022. This includes future summer sessions, Women’s Weekend, Winter Camp, Family Camp, and Grandparent’s Weekend. Your credit can be used for any member of your household/immediate family. If your financial situation changes and you would prefer to request a refund, you can do so through January 31, 2021.

What happens to my scholarship award?

We continue to strive to make camp accessible to all. We understand that as financial situations may change each year, we ask that you re-apply this year should you and your family need financial assistance. Scholarships from the 2020 summer will not be rolled over to any future years. Any financial aid that came from your synagogue or other external sources will need to be re-applied for as well.

Campers who received the Kavanah Jewish Teen Initiative Grant should contact the CMC office.

I would have been a first-time camper in 2020, what happens to my One Happy Camper grant?

One Happy Camper is a program supporting first time campers attending Jewish overnight summer camp. As a result of camp not happening in 2020, the grants were canceled in order to maintain your eligibility for the future. You are eligible to receive the grant for the 2021 summer, and you need to reapply. Please register for Camp Mountain Chai first, then go to OneHappyCamper.org to apply for the grant.

Will my child still get their 3/5/10 year item?

Don’t worry, we have thought about you! We know that many of you were looking forward to receiving your 3-year shirt, 5-year jacket, or 10-year bag in summer 2020. When you return to Camp in 2021 or any other year, you will receive credit for that year, as well as 2020. So, if you were supposed to get a 3-year shirt during the 2020 summer and you come back to Camp for 2021, you’ll get your 3-year shirt AND also be credited as being at Camp for your fourth summer. If 2020 was supposed to be your fourth summer at CMC, you will still get your 5-year jacket in summer 2021! If 2020 was supposed to be your first summer at Camp Mountain Chai, and you keep coming back every year after this, you’ll get your 3-year shirt in 2022.

2020 was supposed to be my 10th grade Atid summer. Can I come back next year instead?

We know that for this age group canceling the 2020 summer was especially disappointing. Camp Mountain Chai will be offering two options for rising 11th graders in the 2021 summer, including our Kavanah Dominican Republic service learning trip and traditional sessions at CMC. Teens in both programs will be able to give their Atid Speeches at Camp Mountain Chai and be eligible to receive community service hours.

2020 was supposed to be my 11th grade Kavanah summer. What are my options for this year?

Camp Mountain Chai will be offering two options for rising 12th graders in the 2021 summer, including our Staff-in-Training program at Camp and our Kavanah Dominican Republic service learning trip. Teens will gain invaluable leadership skills and will be eligible to receive community service hours for both programs.

Are there any upcoming events?

Camp Mountain Chai never stops, and we are not waiting for summer 2021 to be our next time together. We continue to provide regular online engagement opportunities, and when appropriate, we will bring our community together in-person. While there is no substitute for the real thing, they will keep us all connected. Upcoming events will be shared via email and posted on Facebook and Instagram.

How can I support Camp Mountain Chai?

Camp Mountain Chai is a non-profit organization and we encourage you to take part in our big plans for the future and to support Camp Mountain Chai. Click here to make a donation.

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